can not serve midi devices

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can not serve midi devices

why is it that VirtualHere server works with all my USB devices, including ilok and eLicenser, but I can NOT serve ANY midi device?
Trying to use any midi device (Mac client, Mac server), I always get the message "there was an error using this device"...

server log

Mar 13 11:04:23 MBP-1 vhusbdosx[5368] : captureDevicePrepare: USBDeviceOpenSeize error kIOReturnExclusiveAccess (exclusive access) at IOService:/IOResources/AppleUSBHostResources/AppleUSBLegacyRoot/AppleUSBXHCI@14000000/CMD PL-1@14144000
Mar 13 11:04:23 MBP-1 vhusbdosx[5368] : Error binding device 336871424 [1397:00c2] to connection 2, BIND_ERROR


Something is using the midi device and holding it so virtualhere server cant grab it. Im not sure whats running on your osx. Is it some midi software that might be running?

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