configure a standby usb server with a live server

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configure a standby usb server with a live server

Hi Michael,

Excellent product. We use it for license dongles to Windows VMware guests. I have two license dongles on a Pi B+. I want to purchase a license for a standby dongle server on a Pi 2. The standby server will have the same ip address as the live server but will not be connected to the network. In the event of the live server failing I plan to plug the dongles into the standby server and connect the standby server to the network. Will I still need to re-configure the clients at that point? Is there a way to copy the config.ini settings across to the new server to avoid having to re-configure the clients?


Its slightly complicated to

Its slightly complicated to set this up but i recommend doing it this way

1. Connect the main virtualhere server to the network and set up auto-use for the dongle for the particular clients
2. Stop the main virtualhere server
3. Start up the backup virtualhere server and plug the dongles into that. Do not use the same IP address, its not required, just use bonjour so the virtualhere clients can auto-find the new server
4. The clients will drop the connection to the main server as its now down and then they will connect to the new server. Now auto-use the appropriate dongles for the clients
5. Turn off the backup virtualhere server
6. Start the main virtualhere server and plug the dongles back in and they should be auto-used by the client automatically now.

More Info
The config.ini file is flushed to disk every 5 seconds if there is a config change otherwise its not touched. If you make config changes on the main server you will have to copy the appropriate lines from the config.ini to the backup config.ini file ( The license will be different and hence you cannot just copy the entire config.ini file

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