crash when install "osxdriver.pkg" on OS X 10.14

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crash when install "osxdriver.pkg" on OS X 10.14


I tried to user -d parameter to install drivers on my Mac running OS X 10.14, and the system crashed.
Then I extract the driver and got "osxdriver.pkg", I tried this pkg file and the system crashed again.
So how can I install the driver on OS X 10.14?
Look forward to your soonest reply. Thanks!


For OSX at the moment, you need to use the virtualhere GUI program to install the drivers, you cannot use the -d anymore. Apple has very recently changed the way extensions are installed so you need to use the GUI program to install and Approve the kext .

You may also need to reboot the mac to finish installing the driver and the GUI will tell you this if so.

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