Epson Stylus Pro 7600

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Epson Stylus Pro 7600

Hi, I try to run an EPSON Stylus PRO 7600 on your latest Raspberry Pi image (with RPI3b) the printer is displayed as a generic USB2.0 printer and not with the correct device name EPSON_Stylu_Pro_7600. Neither windows 7 nor OSX will install any Epson printer driver if that is not correct. I'm I would really love to buy this if it could be resolved. May it would be possible to override the device name based on the usb device id as it is not properly passed automatically. My Fuji DX100 is recognized and working flawlessly even in trial mode.
Thanks in advance Andreas


As it looks I was able to solve it myself.
I went to the client and renamed the printer to EPSON_Stylus_Pro_7600 in the virtual here client on My OSX 10.13.
I took the information from the properties window of the device.
Then changed the config.ini on the Raspberry PI by changing the new nickname entry with the data recorded (DeviceNicknames=EPSON_Stylus_Pro_7600,04B8,0007,113)
Installed the latest driver from the Epson site for MacOSX
No I was able to add the renamed virtual here printer to my printers list with the correct Epson printer driver.
Printer utility and printing worked as expected.
I don't know if my workflow is at all related to solving my problem but it worked and might help someone with similar problems in the future.

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