Failed Checksum for Version 4.9.8 Checksums

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Failed Checksum for Version 4.9.8 Checksums


I am downloading the latest client for windows. I downloaded vhui64.exe and the SHA1SUM checksum file from the client download page. I ran a sha1sum check and have the checksum "22b9eceaf24493644e1fec14dc93b3308c0f9869" whereas the SHA1SUM file has "22b9eceaf24493644e1fec14dc93b3308c0f9869". Is the checksum file out of date? I redownloaded the file a couple times to make sure it wasn't download corruption. (I also checked the linux vhclientx86_64 and the check against the SHA1SUM file failed too.) Can you check this out?



Sorry i forgot to update the checksum, its fixed now

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