Installing VH on Netgear N600 Router (WNDR3700)

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Installing VH on Netgear N600 Router (WNDR3700)

Hi there,

I'm looking for help installing VirtalHere on an old Netgear N600 Router (WNDR3700).

I'm not sure where to begin or how to do this.

I've looked over the information on your website, link =

Based on some Google searches, I think this router might be a MIPS router, but I don't know.

The instructions on the Github are not clear to me as I am not a Linux user, link =

As a bonus, is there any way to use the ethernet ports on this router with VirtualHere, instead of the USB port? The USB port is only USB 2.0, while the ethernet ports are gigabit, so I'm hoping I can use the faster throughput of the ethernet ports, possibly using an ethernet to USB cable or something, if VH can support it.

Any suggestions for a total newbie to set this up would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you, in advance.


I think that is MIPS big endian. Download and run the generic MIPS big-endian build of virtualhere

VirtualHere will listen on all network ports for communication. If you want to connect over a specific interface then in the virtualhere client, right click USB Hubs->Specify hubs and put in the ip address of the network interface that you want to connect over.

If you dont know Linux then working with openwrt will be impossibly confusing because its even more convoluted then just plain Linux. You have to write your own script to run virtualhere at boot

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