Linux console client, use device and homonyms

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Linux console client, use device and homonyms


If we have read properly the client documentation, connecting to a device is made by
'vhclient -t use,<device address>', the address being taken through 'vhclient -t list'.

We have homonyms in the client list (from different VH servers) :

Server 1
--> device A (raspberrypi.112)
--> device B (raspberrypi.114)
Server 2
--> device C (raspberrypi.114)
--> device D (raspberrypi.115)
--> device E (raspberrypi.112)

So how do we use discriminate devices A and E, or devices 1 and C ?


When setting up a linux box on a network you need to make sure hostname is unique. Set a unique hostname on the pi and reboot and it will then be distinguishable on the network

Yes but...

We thought about that, but the VH servers (some of them at least) are not under our control. For a lot of bad reasons (internal policies, ego, etc.), we cannot ask the owners of those machines to change their names.
Would it be possible to use the FGDNs of the servers, instead of only the hostname ?


No not possible, you need to have a unqiue hostname, this is standard network setup. You could use e.g the last 6 digits of the mac to set name to be unique for each pi. The server will take its name from "gethostname" posix call


The FQDN must be unique, I agree. Not the hostname per se. In our configuration, servers are from several domains and companies. So uniques FQDNs, but possible non-unique hostnames.


1. Download the latest version 3.8.6 of the server from here
2. Stop and exit the server if it is running
3. Edit the server config.ini file and add the line


and put the hostname you want in there

4. Start the server

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