NAS Licence limitation

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NAS Licence limitation


First, congratulation for your awesome software. It really works like a charm.
(BTW, you should make more SEO because it took me lot of time to find it... by chance).

I tried VirtualHere with my NAS because I'm using it as a server and I just fell at the end of the 10 days evaluation.
In fact, I don't understand why the NAS licence is so specific (for example, the day restriction on the evaluation)
IMO, NAS are just Linux servers with extra disks and in my case (ReadyNAS), I'll be able to install the Linux Generic server for ARM myself without problem and continue to use it.

So, why not having the Linux Generic build for NAS too?

Yeah the reasoning is because

Yeah the reasoning is because most NAS users are businesses and they are generally happy to pay if they find it useful, and therefore the 10 day limit reminds them of that.

Yes, it makes sense but it

Yes, it makes sense but it will make me more work :p

Thanks for the answer.

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