Newbie question about using it on NVIDIA Shield

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Newbie question about using it on NVIDIA Shield


I just discovered VirtualHere yesterday when trying to fix an issue with file sharing on my NVIDIA Shield and I love it! I have a newbie question tho which I'm not sure if it's an actual limitation of the software or simply a setting I am missing somewhere.

Here's my situation.

I am running the server app on my Nvidia SHIELD where I have an external USB HDD plugged in.
I have the client running (and licensed) on my Windows 10 PC where I can activate the USB Hub and easily mount the external HDD on my Windows PC where I get full access to it and everything is great.

However, if the USB Hdd is mounted on my Windows PC, I no longer have access to it on my Shield? That HDD is used to store my Plex Server/KODI Server media files so being able to mount it in Windows is great to easily manage the files on it but obviously the Shield would still need to have access to the files in order to do its job as a server!

Is there a way to get the USB drive mounted on my Windows pc via VH but still have it accessible on the Shield for my server to use?

Thanks for the help!


Hi, no its not possible to use the hdd in two places at once because unfortunately the usb protocol was not designed to do this and its physically impossible

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