Regarding single-device sharing on RPi zero W

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Regarding single-device sharing on RPi zero W

I was wondering if you'll ever consider allowing a license type for single-device sharing (same limitations as the trial, but without the constant trial popup), as i'm only ever going to have a single device on a pi zero, but it's frankly absurd to spend $50 on a license that I can't ever move to another piece of hardware. this would be the only software license in my entire life that behaves this way, and is an unreasonable stipulation when the end result is a $50 license permanently tied to a $15 piece of hardware.

Additionally, dealing with texas power it is a real possibility that a pi zero left attached to my laser cutter will eventually experience a failure due to our awful power grid. would I have any recourse at all if/when this happens? it wouldn't be the first time.

Basically, I want to financially support this instead of just permanently running trial licenses, but the non-transferable stipulation is a deal breaker at this price point.


Sounds like you are not my target customer so there is no reason to change my licencing.

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