Remote mic makes Windows 10 Sound panel hang

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Remote mic makes Windows 10 Sound panel hang

I'm using VirtualHere with OpenTPCast which make the VR headset's USB devices available locally. There's a whole bunch of them but it's the remote Mic that's giving me problems.

Things work perfectly fine after a fresh reboot of Windows. I can run VirtualHere, run SteamVR, etc and everything works great.

Until I exit SteamVR and turn off the VR headset. The remote hub disappears from the VH window (as expected of course) but if I then go to the Sound panel in the Windows 10 settings the panel will just hang forever the moment I switch to the "Recording" tab.

Is this a know problem? Is there a workaround?



Yes this is a known issue, i havent found the reason yet but the workaround is to "Stop Using" the devices in the vh client first.

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