Sound Artifacts and lag

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Sound Artifacts and lag

Working with the Demo to see if it meets our needs, and I am encouraged out of the gate! One thing I am hearing some artifact sounds that don't exist with the physical connection. The best way to describe them is like a scratch on a record or a dirty needle on the record player (yep that old). The sound can be perfect for 20 - 30 sec then the artifact takes place. Sometimes there is a noticeable 'interference sound like AM radio or a stumble (lost packets ?)

I was wondering what optimizations can be done to isolate this traffic (other than standard QOS) between devices (already in the same vLAN).

Physical Configuration
Server => 1G baseTX => CISCO 3750x => 1G base TX => Client
Ping times <1ms



You are not going to remove the glitches because its the network latency that is causing it. You need to use something like voicemeeter banana to add some buffering at a higher layer. The USB protocol cannot buffer so it needs to be done in an audio driver.

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