SteamLink with Logitech Momo Racing wheel

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SteamLink with Logitech Momo Racing wheel

I purchased VirtualHere because I want to be able to use my Momo Racing wheel with my SteamLink. First off, I have to say the documentation for VirtualHere is terrible (non-existent?) After struggling to figure out how to even connect the damn thing to my SteamLink, I finally got it to show in the list of hubs while streaming. Now the problem is that the wheel and pedals are being detected incorrectly. The wheel movement isn't detected at all even though the buttons are, the pedals are responding inconsistently and within Steam and Project Cars 2, the pedals appear to be treated as a single vertical axis constantly pressing up/down, making games impossible to play.

Can someone tell me the magical spell I have to cast in order to actually get your product to work as advertised?


If its acting all weird, then i think you should get a refund from steam for virtualhere. I havent tested with that wheel so it probably needs some workaround which im not aware of at the moment.

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