[Suggestion] Combined Disconnect / Connect Device Function

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[Suggestion] Combined Disconnect / Connect Device Function

Would it be possible to add a combined disconnect / connect function below the "Disconnect from user" right click menu entry? This would be very useful to specify a default client that always connects to a device after X seconds while allowing to easily switch the same device over to another client without having to disconnect and then connect again separately.

For example: I'm using a bluetooth receiver on a client (PC1) which connects to a remote machine (PC2). The remote machine usually is controlled from PC1, but sometimes the dongle needs to be switched over to PC2. With the combined option above, this would be fairly easy. As it is now, disconnecting the dongle from PC1 means losing the input on PC2 as well.

Bonus points if the hotkey function works for the combined connect / disconnect function :)


There is way to do this,

1. Right click on the device in the client and select "Auto-use Device" do this on both clients for that device.
2. On one of the clients, kick the client off the device by selecting "Disconnect from User" and then the other client will then automatically grab the device.

Thank you, that method works

Thank you, that method works like a charm!

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