Using VH on nvidia shield GeForceNow

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Using VH on nvidia shield GeForceNow

I’m trying to use my Logitech g29 wheel on nvidia GeForceNow. VH is in installed and working in my steam library and can be found while using my pc, however, it doesn’t appear in my steam library when using GeForceNow. It’s nowhere to be found.

I’ve tried putting the VH app on my Shield, VH works with my Xbox elite controller and mini keyboard but not the g29.... not even the prompt to always use VH while this devise is plugged in. The g29 does power up and calibrate when plugged in to the USB but that’s all.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


I have a G29 i use for testing, can you tell me what game you are trying to use via GeForceNOW?

I do see the request to allow the VirtualHere server app to use the G29.

Can you tell me in more details how it is setup? Im not that familiar with GeForceNOW i didnt think they had a side to run the virtualhere client on the remote server?

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