Virtual Here + ZeroTier + USB eLicenser issues

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Virtual Here + ZeroTier + USB eLicenser issues

Hi Michael,

I've bought and used VirtualHere through my Steam Link for quite some time. Because of that exposure, I was wondering if it would be possible to use VirtualHere + ZeroTier + Cubase 10.5, since it would allow me to keep the eLicenser safe at home instead of risking loosing it. After reading through the forums and other posts online, it seemed like it wouldn't be totally crazy. So I installed the VirtualHere trial into my Synology, along with the dongle, but could not make it work over ZeroTier, or even the LAN.

Scenario A - VirtualHere + ZeroTier (on the same LAN, just a virtual subnet):
* Cubase 10.5: Hangs during the splash screen, and crashes as soon as I unplug the dongle through VirtualHere.
* eLicenser Control Center: Doesn't load, hanging during initialization. Recovers if I unplug, although obviously not showing my license

Scenario B - VirtualHere (just basic LAN)
* Cubase 10.5: Hangs exactly at the same spot as scenario A.
* eLicenser Control Center: Loads and does show the USB dongle. I have not tried to run any of the maintenance tasks because the first time I tried, it got stuck and I fear of corrupting the license in the dongle.

I looked at the logs in the server (Synology), and found nothing of interest except for the computer binding to the device itself. My trial has now expired, so I can't do further testing. My next attempt was going to perhaps do a packet capture to see if I could see anything wrong, although I doubt there's any decoder for the VirtualHere protocol, and I don't have much time to reverse engineer the protocol.

Are these use cases supported? I saw other posts where you recommended ZeroTier, and others where you fixed Cubase issues in the past, so I'm hoping this is not a terrible moonshot :)



Yes the elicenser can be problematic, i think it is very sensitive to network latency. Could you try the latest nas server here

(Also update to the latest cubase drivers if you havent already they always update these regularly)

If that still doesnt work i dont think it will work for the time being.

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