Virtualhere blocking USB 4G Connection

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Virtualhere blocking USB 4G Connection

I´m using a RaspberryPi to get a online time recording station for orienteering, the station is USB and I need to connect the RaspberryPi to internet trough a 4G USB modem.

When i boot the Raspberry it connects to internet and my VPN if Virtualhere isen´t enabled.
And if I then start Virtualhere all works fine i get a connection to my VH-server at my Pi.

But if I setup Virtualhere to autostart in some way on the Pi i´m unable to connect to internet.

Seems to me Virtualhere somehow hijacks the USB modem.
So how do I make it not to do that


Try this

1. Stop the virtualhere server process (pkill vhubsdarm)
2. Edit the config.ini file on the server and add the line


3. Save the config.ini file and reboot the pi

Now it should work. VirtualHere server on the pi turns off local driver binding when running, however you can leave driver binding on by setting that config value, and i think this 4G modem might need that.

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