VirtualHere noob - Nvidia Shield Pro (2019) to Win10

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VirtualHere noob - Nvidia Shield Pro (2019) to Win10

The interface for both the client and server seem simple as falling off a log but apparently I'm missing some key settings.

I've installed the server on my Shield TV Pro (2019) and a client is on my Win10 desktop. The goal is to plug a Logitech G13 gameboard into the Shield and stream games from my Win10 PC via either the Steam Link app or Moonlight.

When I plug in the gameboard, it receives power (the screen comes on). However, on my Win10 PC, the client occasionally flashes "connecting to USB hub" and then stops, leaving no options. The android server app simply shows the main white screen saying that it has detected USB peripherals.

Are there key settings I need to verify on either system? I have not purchased a license yet as I'm trying to confirm if it works first before I commit to payment.

Thanks for your time!


Seems like the client and server and not seeing each other. In the virtualhere client right click USB Hubs->and Check Auto-Find Hubs

if it still doesnt show "Android Hub" listed after about 30 seconds try putting in the ip address by right clicking USB Hubs->Specify Hubs->Add and put in the ip address of your sheild tv then click ok.

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