VirtualHere server conflict with locally installed CP2102 universal driver on macOS 10.15 Catalina

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VirtualHere server conflict with locally installed CP2102 universal driver on macOS 10.15 Catalina

This is not a problem description, but a solution/workaround which will hopefully help others:

Running macOS Catalina 10.15 beta on a local MacBook Pro, I run the VirtualHere server on it to connect a device via a CP2102 TTL UART to USB adapter.

The serial device can only be programmed via a vendor specific Windows software which I run on a virtual Win 2016 server machine in the cloud (Paperspace). Although Paperspace offers USB sharing through their own RDP software, using an eveusb OEM version, the latter has recently stopped working for me (I guess, it's related to the macOS beta and they told me that they wouldn't look into that before the official release). So I decided to give VirtualHere a try.

As told before, the VirtualHere server runs on my local macOS machine and the client on that virtual Windows machine in the Cloud. After having successfully setup the reverse lookup (the macBook running the server has no fixed IP, but the cloud machine where the client runs, has) I could establish the connection and request using the shared CP2102 UART. Windows saw it, installed the drivers, and failed then repeatedly with an error code 10. I found error messages in the VirtualHere server log about resource conflicts, it couldn't get exclusive access to the USB device. After verifying plenty of things (and waisting several hours), I decided to uninstall the local Silicon Labs VCP driver (kext) from the macBook. And... tadaaa... the VirtualHere server got finally exclusive resource access to it and it comes correctly up and can be used on the client side.

This is not a perfect workaround, since it hinders me from using the CP2102 adapter locally for other purposes, but that's a minor issue at this moment and I can live with that until either VirtualHere or Silicon Labs decide to make their softwares in a non-conflicting way. :)


Thats for the tip! that will help others

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