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WEB graphic interface

Hi Michael

I have an idea

VH server, setting, can be made into WEB graphical interface.

For example, to encrypt the USB port, no complicated code is required, only the server settings need to be set on a simple WEB.


It already supports this.

It has a language you can use the build server configuration dialogs dynamically using xml.

It uses this for the cloudhub interface when you right click on Properties->Configure. That screen and server settings configuration is dynamically built via a single XML file. That xml file is sent by the server itself when the client asks for its configuration setup.

However for general usage its turned off , but its enabled for OEM builds and cloudhub images

I suppose its not strictly html (its strict XML) but you dont need a webserver either, its rendered directly by the virtualhere client as a dialog, so it fits on tiny devices which is the main reason i wrote it

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