Wii remotes with VirtualHere and rpi 3b+

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Wii remotes with VirtualHere and rpi 3b+

I tried running virtualhere with a wii remote on a rpi3b+, and it seems to work fine. But once I connect more then one wii remote, I start getting really bad latency with the wii remotes. I tried running the virtualhere server on a seperate rpi4 without a gamestream running, it had the same bad latency. Is it possible to stream more then one wii remote? I also tried a local network steam link. The rpi's were on a remote network using the reverseclients option. The steam link also had the same latency issues

I'm using the virtualhere trial version with a bluetooth adapter, which is using LibUSBK drivers for dolphin emulator.

Any ideas on what the issue is? Is it even possible what I'm trying with the wii remotes?


Dont use the in-built wifi in the pi its too fragile and slow and may cause interference with the bluetooth/wii adapters.

You must use an ethernet cable. Also is the gamestream running over the internet? Or just within your house.

If its over the internet you will have unavoidable latency so i think it will struggle with multiple wii controllers over the internet.

I think if everything is in your house including the game server then it should work fine with multiple adapters, however make sure to use a pi4 as its much better than a pi3b

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