virtualhere can't find my usb on win10 system

hi ,sir
my problem is the virtualhere can't find my usb on win10 system.
1. I install virtualhere app in my Synology NAS.
2. I have buy the license.
3. before I use the virtualhere Client software in good and normal in the win7 and win10 or Mac .
4. recently I reinstall the win10 system in my computer. I download the virtualhere client software and click to use, I can't find any device.
5. when I look the virtualhere license, it's nothing show.
6. now the virtualhere client is normal use in my Mac and windows 7 and old windows 10 system, but can't use in the new reinstall windows 10 PC.
do you have see the same problem in windows 10?


Try this, right click USB Hubs->Specify Hubs ->Add -> and put in the ip address of your NAS colon 17570 (because you are runnning a synology)