Xbox Controller not working for Spider-Man Remastered using Gamestream on Nvidia Shield Pro

I purchased Spider-Man Remastered on Steam with the plan to play through it with my son (who loves Spider-Man as most boys do) sitting next to me on the couch.

Initially I could only get m&kb controls to work on the PC, but once I disabled the Steam Input for the game from the Steam properties window I was able to use an Xbox controller.

However, when I try to use a controller on the Shield Pro I am not able to. I can use the controller on other steam games using gamestream (Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga for example).

I thought that Virtualhere might be the answer so I downloaded the app on the shield and the client on my pc and purchased a license. When I run the client I am able to see the xbox controller but it is labeled as "controller" instead of Xbox Controller and the game does not recognize it. I also tried launching the Xbox Accessories app but the controller does not show up there either. The controller is updated to the latest firmware.

Can anyone assist?


Actually you will need to use the xbox wireless dongle and use that via virtualhere (and sync to that wirelessly), rather than directly plugging in the xbox controller.

Android doesnt give enough control to pass through the xbox controller directly plugged in.


I don’t have a dongle. The Xbox controller connects to the Shield with Bluetooth directly or plugs in.


Any idea what I could do to troubleshoot?


Its impossible to work plugged in, there is no troubleshooting required. It will only work directly plugged in if you use a linux device as the virtualhere server. e.g a pi.

Or if you have a bluetooth or xbox wireless dongle you can pass through with virtualhere.

If you dont have those then you should ask Valve for a refund.


So I need to purchase a dongle even though the controller connects to the shield via Bluetooth without one.


You need to ask valve to fix steam input. VH can't do anything for you because you qr not using a USB device but rather a BT device