Logitech G27 and Android (as VirtualHere Host) issues

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Logitech G27 and Android (as VirtualHere Host) issues


I have some troubles with my Logitech G27 (plugged in Android) and Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2 as VirtualHere client (bought from Steam for Steam Link).

The problem is with the clutch (neither the OS nor the game sees it). And the other problem is slightly different: shifter and buttons work but show different actions in the Windows, Logitech Game Software, and games. For example, when I try to shift, it shows that a button on the steering wheel is pressed, etc.

Tried different Windows versions - no effect, the result is the same.

Tried different Android boxes (and Android versions) - no effect.

Tried to add Custom Events onReset.$VENDOR_ID$.$PRODUCT_ID$= and onSetConfiguration.$VENDOR_ID$.$PRODUCT_ID$= - no effect too.

There are no errors on the client-side (Windows).

But when I use Linux instead of Android as VirtualHere Server - all works all expected, the clutch is works, the all buttons are working well too.

Any ideas what can I do?



OK that shifter wont be compatible if using Android.

There are some USB limitations when using Android (which aren't on Linux) and so that is the reason

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