IPV6 Support

Version 2.4.6 of the server and version 3.1.3 of the client now support IPv6 as well as IPv4. VirtualHere follows the standard RPC3986/3484 specification for IPv6 support and IPv6 textual address entry.

By default the server will attempt to use a dual/stack ipv4/ipv6 compatible stack if available in the kernel. This means that clients using ipv4 or clients using ipv6 will both be able to connect to the server over port 7575 with either IP protocol

When the server starts it will log a message containing the string(IPv6 dual-stack) on startup if it is using this configuration.

If you do not see this message and want to use IPv6, you can force IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack using the -i argument to the server, otherwise you can modify the /etc/gai.conf file to ensure the IPV6 dual stack is the default for the getaddrinfo call that VirtualHere uses.

To specify an IPv6 address in the client you use square brackets around the address, for example in Specify Hubs... you would enter e.g[fe80::fc04:f3f2:c479:2c3d]:7575, and similar for Reverse Clients...

If you want to use IPv6 only on the server you may bind to an IPv6 interface exclusively (without the dual-stack support) by specifing the address followed by a % and the scopeid e.g NetworkInterface=fe80::34bd:3ab:74fc:5473%4 in the server config.ini