Canon DR-F120 Scanner


I want to use a Canon DR-F120 scanner connected to my Synology NAS.

My problem is that the VirtualHere client recognises the scanner (I can see it in the list under USB Hubs / Synology Hub), but I'm unable to use the scanner from any program. For instance if I go into Adobe Acrobat and select the Cannon scanner I get a message that says "Can't locate device; check cable and power.(-4536)" and then another that says "Acrobat could not communicate to this device."

I get a similar message if I go into the Cannon scanning application. There it says "Cannot find scanner. Check the power and the cables." (which are fine)

Here is the configuration.

Server :
Synology DS112+
OS : DSM 5.0-4528 Update 2
VirtualHere Version 2.8.3
Scanner Canon DR-F120 plugged directly into the NAS.

Sony SVS1513C5E
OS : Windows 8.1 Pro
Client VirtualHere - Version 3.5.7

Please could you point me to any information on how to resolve this.

Many thanks



Still fiddling trying to get my setup to work and still struggling... I think I may have solved the previous problem in that I think I may not have selected Use on the client. I've now done that but now I get a different error "The device could not be locked. Check that another application isn't using the device.(-4630)"

I've also confirmed that if I plug the scanner directly into the computer, everything works fine.


Yes you definitely have to select "Use" in the client for the device to appear connected to your client as by default it wont auto-connect to any devices. Regarding that -4630 error, are you running the very latest drivers for 8.1? e.g…

Otherwise if it still fails you may have to try windows 10 (virtualhere uses a new driver for win10+ which is more compatible) or it maybe some interference with the scanning system built-into the synology, if you have the scanner setup inside the synology for network scanning e.g…

remove the device from there so it doenst interfere with virtualhere taking control of the scanner.