VirtualHere missing in Synology Diskstation DSM 6.0 package manager

Upgrading my Diskstation failed since VirtualHere had been installed via external file. While investigating I saw that VirtualHere should now be included in the package manager.

I uninstalled VirtualHere and upgraded diskstation.

Now I don't see VirtualHere anywhere in the package manager. While I could download the package and install manually, I would prefer to use the package manager.

o. Hardware is DS412+
o. Running DSM 6.0-7321 Update 3
o. Trust level is set to "any publisher"
o. I tried turning on beta versions but that didn't help either.
o. "Refresh" executed after each configuration change

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


<p>I think the package has to get certified or something for DSM 6 for it to appear in the DSM6 package manager.
<p>I would also very much like this package to return to the Synology package repository.</p>


<p>On a related topic, I encountered an error when I tried to upgrade from server 2.8.3 to 2.8.4 by overwriting the running package using Manual Install. My DS214play just hung in the installing process. I rebooted the NAS and found that the package had uninstalled but not installed. I then installed again manually and it worked, but my config.ini had been lost.</p>


Yes i gave it to synology about 3 weeks ago , sometimes they are a bit slow with updates, i will send them another email today to remind them..

Yes, but it reminded me that I should be backing up that config.ini file anyway, so I recreated it and then cp'ed it to one of the directories that Hyper Backup is backing up daily.


It will be back in the synology DSM 6.0 store next week...


Version in the Synology package center still shows 2.8.4. What should we expect in terms of version parity for package center installations?


I only update the package center when there is a major update or bugfix, or added feature.


Looks like there was a significant bugfix in 2.9.6, can we get that updated in the package center?


That fix wasnt really related to the synology but anyway i can push 3.0.0 to synology in the next few weeks.


Still 2.8.4 in the package center.


OK! :) I forgot, and have pushed to synology now. so it should appear in the next week or two


Synology DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 2. Tried to update (via manual install) from VH Server 3.0.9 to 3.1.3. Installation stalled (gray box, could not cancel). Had to reboot. Was warned that package uninstaller was still running. After reboot, VH was not in my packages. I installed 3.1.3 with no further problems, except that I had to reenter my registration key for Unlimited Devices.


OK ill note this, i suspect its a synology dsm bug but im not sure at the moment, will see if i get any more reports


Thanks, Michael. BTW, the Synology DSM 6 official installer for VirtualHere has been "stuck" at version 2.8.4 for some time. That's why I have been doing manual installs.