Weird Steam Link Problem

I have used VirtualHere in my previous computer without problems to attach two RetroUSB controllers to my Steam Link. Now I bought the unlimited license and I'm trying to do the same thing on my new computer, but can't get it to work. The weird thing is that when I connect the controllers to my pc, they work fine, but when I connect them to the steam link they seem to be working as a mouse instead of a controller. VirtualHere does seem to recognise them both, but the functionality is gone as soon as I connect them to the steam link...


I think it might be something with steam big picture, virtualhere doesnt know about controllers etc , it only knows about the USB signal. Therefore its very likely steam big picture that is switching the mode of the controller, as virtualhere just passes the signal direct from the steamlink to the pc without any modifications.


I think it does have something to do with VirtualHere. I did a factory default on the Steam Link and then the controllers worked. I then saw VirtualHere wasn't using the license so I entered it again. I checked "Auto use all devices" and from that point the controllers (and my usb keyboard) attached to the steam link didn't work anymore.


So to clarify, when you run the default factory steamlink what build is that? And you said the controllers worked then, i assume they worked via virtualhere? then you saw virtualhere wasnt registered so you put in the key and then you checked "Auto use all devices" and then the controllers worked as a mouse? With your "old computer" what windows was that running and is the the same windows as the new computer? Sorry for all the questions im confused as to the setup...


It was factory defaulted steam link, updated to the latest beta build. When I registered virtualhere the controllers did't work as a mouse this time but stopped working completely just like my usb keyboard. I will do some more tests this weekend, step by step so I can give you a more precise report. In any case thanks for your time!

I will post my findings here asap.


I did some more testing. The problem where the controller is detected as a mouse occurs when VirtualHere is not active and only within FCEUX which I launch via LaunchBox (BigBox) which is added as a non-steamgame in my steam.

The real problem is that when I use VirtualHere and connect USB devices, those devices stop working (not immediately, but after a couple of seconds, I guess when I connection has been made). So for some reason VirtualHere disables all my USB devices when they get connected. The strange part is that I did the same on my old pc and it worked fine, except this was with the unlicensed VirtualHere.


I see this in the System Messages:

14:34:59 INFO :Server ping timeout, shutting down connection 1...
14:35:24 INFO :Could not connect to steamlink.local.:7575
14:35:54 INFO :Could not connect to steamlink.local.:7575

I also see (In use by you) behind the USB devices when they stop working.


Can you NOT use auto-use all. Just use one and then the other until 2 are in use at once. I want to see if that makes a difference, perhaps virtualhere is auto-using using some in-built steamlink usb device or something which causes steam to drop the connection...


For some reason my reply here is gone?

Anyway this was it:

Yes that solved it! I first used the usb controller which then worked
perfectly also in FCEUX, and next I used "usb receiver" which is my wireless
usb keyboard and everything kept working. The wireless usb keyboard however
also works perfectly without virtualhere.

I did notice the steam controller (which works fine) is not found by
virtualhere. I'm not 100% sure but I think I saw it in the list of devices on
my previous setup...


Yeah i am upgrading my website but something went wrong so i had to restore a backup a few days old before you made the post.

Anyway thanks for the feedback, im glad its working for you now