VirtualHere for the SteamLink

The SteamLink is a remote gaming device developed by Valve Inc. that transfers a computer game running on a PC in an home office etc, onto a TV in the living room. VirtualHere improves the compatibility of SteamLink by providing firmware that accurately transfers USB signals from the SteamLink to the remote PC. The Steamlink is an ARM based embedded device running an Marvell Cortex-A9 1Ghz processor. It has 3 USB 2.0 ports and , 100Mbps Ethernet, and 802.11ac 2x/t/r wifi built in as well as HDMI output.

To use VirtualHere on the SteamLink:

* Plug the usb devices you want to use into the steamlink
* On the steamlink menu go to Settings->VirtualHere and select the usb devices you want to share from the list shown
* On the steamlink click "Start Streaming"

VirtualHere will be automatically installed, and started and, you can usually hear a new device sound on your pc when virtualhere remotely connects the usb devices

If you have any questions either ask them in the discussion forum here