Somebody! Need help

MS 2012 Server R2
Local client

Needed: - Kill proccess com4 port on server, and create new, without making a reboot local client.


Not really sure what you mean but anyway I dont think its possible if com4 is in use, and you want to kill the process, there will be a dangling reference to a driver most likely and that will require the client to reboot to release the refrence


After the VHIU is closed. The hanging port is happening on the server, who said that the driver for the device is not installed. After restart of the VHUI, the port status does not change. We think we need to kill the process COM-port on the server. Maybe you need to kill the process to a COM port on the client (a thin client). A simple restart of the thin client fails, the server in device Manager the COM port is not lost and the status is not changed. Disappearing COM port from the list of devices occurs automatically only after a long-long wait, and the "update the hardware configuration" for very long runs without completion. In this state, "device Manager" can be turned off through task Manager killing the process.


OK so what is your server device, what are you running the virtualhere server on? A windows machine?

And your client is a windows machine also?


an electronic Board connected to the thin client (network booting a Linux shell(thinstation)) connected via RDP to a terminal server 2008r2


OK so the electronic board is connected to your thinstation and you connect from that into terminal server which runs the virtualhere client.

Everything works until you "Stop Using" the electronic board from the virtualhere client (in terminal server), and then the com port on the thin station does not become available again to the thinstation.

Try this:

Stop the virtualhere server on your thinstation and then edit the server config.ini and add the line


then save the config.ini and restart the virtualhere server. What that will do is when you stop using the com device via virtualhere it will hand the device back to the thinstation kernel and it will probably reset the com port so its usable again.


Thank you, will write the result here


Found out that this option enabled already (AutoAttachToKernel=1), but was the old version vhui64(2.2.X), updated to 2.9, we will monitor the situation, thank you


Maybe there are other options? In addition to this option (AutoAttachToKernel=1)


Sounds like you have been running virtualhere for quite a few months (years?) Can you update virtualhere client AND server to the latest version on my website. I assumed you already did this but it sounds like your client might be old also. I think you mean SERVER was updateed to 2.9.8.