OpenVPN - Synology NAS - Dongle

I friend of mine is using software that can only work with a usb dongle. Because he uses several client computers at different locations, he wants to use his Synology NAS DS211j as a USB server. I installed VirtualHere on the Synology NAS and installed the VirtualHere client software. The dongle has been inserted in the Synology NAS.
He connects to the network of the NAS via OpenVPN. So far, the client software does not find the dongle. Is there an additional setting required to enable this?



Yes you cannot use auto-find over a VPN as the UDP broadcasts are not transmitted. You need to specify the IP address of the server and for the synology the port is 17570 (not 7575 like standard virtualhere) like this:

In the virtualhere client -> Right click USB Hubs->Specify Hubs->Add then put the ip address and colon and port e.g then press ok