Windows 10 PC REBOOTs when installing device driver

Hi... I'm writing because I just bought virtualhere through the steam store to use with my logitech 920 wheel connected on my steamlink. MY PC is an i7 5820 with 64GB of RAM and running Windows 10 x64, updated to the latest release.

The problem is that, after I successfully install virtualhere from the steam store, as soon as I log into my steamlink, the PC shows a Dialog where it clearly sees like a new usb device (in this case the wheel from the steamlink), but just as soon as the dialog appears, the PC just REBOOTS. I go completely from windows to the boot sequence... it never finishes the setup process obviously... I tried installing virtualhere on two different steam location within my PC and get the same reults...

Can anyone shed some light as what can be wrong? My PC is completely stable otherwise... I have a lot of games, apps and usb peripherals installed, all of the without any real problem... Any other info I can share to find a solution?




Hi Carlos, it sounds like a Blue screen of death. If you could send me a few of the most recent files in c:\windows\minidumps to mail [at] and i shall take a look. Thanks! Michael


Hi Michael. I don't have that folder because actually, I don't get a BSOD. The PC just reboots as if I pressed the reset button.... Any ideas?




Hi Michael... i'm not quite following... when I checked your link, all those settings on the "startup and recovery" menu were alreay checked.. I don't have a MEMORY.DMP file anywhere on my PC. As I tried to explain, as soon as I connect the steamlink and windows recognizes the the devices on the steamlink, it resets the PC.. it doesn't crash nor do I get a BSOD, it just resets as if you were to press the reset button or unplug the pc from power.... it doesn't dump anything to the disk because it has no time...



Ok, thats very strange, usually if it resets straight away those settings i mentioned are off and need to be turned on.

So unfortunately im not sure what is happening, virtualhere definately works with win10 so im wondering if something is different with your machine.

I think you might have to get a refund from steam as i dont think your issue is fixable..


Ok Michael... thanks for your prompt responses....
After trial and error, I have narrowed down that the crash happens when I connect the Logitech g920 Wheel on the steam link. If I start by connecting the steam controller, a logitech keyboard and mouse, your software works perfect. but as soon as I connect the logitech g920 wheel to the steam link and the PC recognizes the device, the PC restarts... any ideas?
P.S. I have the latest drivers installed on the PC for the wheel....



Ok, i have another idea. Can you bring up the virtualhere client and then right click on Steam link and then select "Reverse Clients..." then add then enter

and then press OK. that will connect back to my test machine and i will connect to the wheel and see if it crashes my win10 64-bit


ok Michael.. Is there a way I can contact you directly so we can coordinate? my email is registered in the forums... I'm at the office right now. I'm on Central Standard Time. I will be home later today... perhaps we can try using whatsapp, hangouts, skype, etc...

I want to stress that I really appreciate your effort here!



Ok.. at 7:46pm CST I tried connecting my logitecg g920 wheel to my pc through steam link and had configured the Reverse Client to so you can check it out on your side.... this time the PC didn't reboot suddenly, but it froze with the virtualhere window open showing the logitech g920 had connected to virtualhere (I had to reset the PC myself). I went to the Event Viewer in windows and saw this at 7:46pm (at the time I connected the logitech wheel):

The DSM service was delayed by 57 seconds for a driver query/download/install on device 'SWD\DAFUPNPPROVIDER\UUID:356951DA-7F05-480B-B2B1-8AE5E595F1B6'

any other ideas on your side? Thanks!



Well guys... first of all, I'd like to thank Michael for his great support... I indeed was getting the PC rebooted instantaneously. Then, I tried on a second PC and got the BSOD. Then, buried in a forum post in reddit, Logitech acknowledged that after certain Windows 10 update, when you connect your Logitech G920 wheel, the PC would crash... Here's a page describing exactly what to do ( this also works with the G920 assuming you download the appropriate drivers fro their page...

Everything works now!!! Best regards!!!


Thanks for the info on how to fix the issue Carlos! thats probably useful for a lot of people...