ATIK CCD camera


I am trying to remote the control of my ATIK 314L+ astrophotography CCD camera server is running on raspberry PI, client on Windows 7
The camera is working correctly on the raspberry py (using a test ccd application on raspy ) and when connected locally on the WIN7 laptop

I have no (apparent) errors neither on raspi or windows ,
simply none of my astronomy application can connect or even detect the camera

When I 'use' the USB on the client, I see the newly created device on Windows device control , the virtual here client says the port is in use....

I have several other devices that are correctly working

Compared to the working devices the only strange behavior seems to be the fact that opening the property of the port in use (on the vh client) to me the driver info does not seem the correct one



In windows, bring up control panel and the device manager and then see if the camera is listed under there (perhaps under the Imaging Devices or Universal Serial Controllers. Is it listed there? If so then the software which finds the camera is not looking under the virtualhere usb host controller branch. If its not there then i would suggesting trying on win10.


The device is listed under the USB controller branch
And the same SW is connecting to another CCD camera correctly (just another brand)

Is there any requirements about the driver under linux and the one under Windows ??
For the camera that is not working , because the windows driver is provided by ATIK and I think the Linux driver is provided by a 3rd party !!
Unfortunately Wind 10 is not an easy option to try ?
Does the windows client log the error messages somewhere ?



I am using the latest driver on windows....and I may have see libusb in the driver details



ok there was a patch to libusb to support virtualhere. I dont know if your software from ATIK is using this version of libusb but i would recommend installing the latest build of libusb (or ask them to install the latest with the installation program)


I tried to update Libyan...but didn't succed
I also raised a ticket to the atik folks



I'm trying the same thing: connecting an astronomy CCD cam (SBIG ST8-XME) to my laptop (Windows10) via VirtualHub on a RaspberryPi3. When I attach the cam directly to the laptop I can use it normally. When I attach it using Virtualhere the cam shows up in the client window as USB-cam and is "in use by you". It shows up also in the device manager as SBIG USB device. Even the fan of the cam comes up when connected. So far, so good. But when I try to connect to the cam using the control software of the cam, connection fails. I tried with two different control softwares, which both work, when the cam is directly connected. Any solution?
I will also write a new post in the main branch of the forum.
Best regards
Christof Wiedemair


Is there some way to reduce the resolution to the lowest possible, just for testing? I think its too much data for the pi3. If it works then the pi3 cant handle the full resolution.