Sony eye camera


Iam very impressed about your utility. Congrats, good work. Unfortunately i don’t have all the equipment that i need to test it but i can say what i test so far.
I have an HP Microserver 40l that i use it on server side with ubuntu live cd. (I dont install physical because i use windows server 2012 on it). with my terminal i manage to run the usb server utility (server side). Then i attach my canon 350d dslr camera on a free usb port of the server. Now on the client side i use wired and wireless a vaio laptop (core 2 duo) and i install the client utility in windows 7 32bit system. I run it and i see the virtual hub of my server almost immediatelly. With EOS utility i manage to take picture and to control my canon. GOOOD very good. Unfortunately my cam does not support live view to test the latency and the limitations of the program.

To test the cam’s stream ability i use an ps3 sony eye camera. I attach it on server side and i install 3d party drivers on the client side ( . The camera seems to connect (red light on) but the picture does not appear. (Black screen) My network seems to send packets 1-1.5 mbits/s. I try in lower res and after a long time i manage to see picture in quality 320x200 with up 60fps at 25mbps. Too poor quality for that bandwith i think. I try at 640x480 but nothing again (black screen).
Is there a limitation of the data that can handle and send this utility. I ask it because iam interest to build a system that can handle 720p and 1080p for fpv purposes




Yes sometimes there is issues with a webcam. I can look into fixing this in the next few weeks. I am away on holidays until the 25th June but can look at this issue after that..



Hello Michael. Thank you for your response and i wish you have a nice holidays. When you are free and can write here i would like your opinion if i can stream HD (H264 720p or 1080p) via 100mbit network wireless from an usb cam source.
The idea is.
usb HD cam attach to server side that can handle it from an laptop(client side) with your utility.
streaming wireless via 100mbit network (if 100mbps is little how much bandwidth do you think i need?)
live view of the streaming packets on client side and remote control of the usb cam.( eg. focus,aperture,zoom etc.).

Also is there any plan to built a utility to handle firewire 1394?


Hi Nick,

Its quite doubtful that the raspberry pi could handle streaming hd video via the USB over IP solution, there is simply not enough CPU speed. There are newer models of raspberry pi type devices such as (… ) that have dual and quad core arm chips and these would be much better suited to the functionality you require.

IF/when you get one of these newer devices let me know and i will compile the virtualHere server for your setup.