Install Client as Service Fails on Win 10 machine?

No matter what I do, I inevitably get a window that says:
"VirtualHere Client USB Sharing service StartService failed, error 2 (The system cannot find the file specified.)"

I read that this happened when the client is located on a network share. I made a point to load it from a local drive, I tried to load it from the root directory, I tried to run it as Administrator...
No joy!

Any ideas????



Can you bring up the windows service manager and scroll down to "VirtualHere Client USB Sharing" then right click Properties then paste in here the "Path to executable" that is says. Are you using the latest client? I also fixed an issue related to this in the latest client 4.2.3


Problem solved!
Since the client does not do an installation, the first time I ran it, the 'Services' entry for it was a network drive, which won't run as a Service.
I could see the trouble in the Service Manager, but not fix it there.
I deleted that entry from my registry and restarted the client from a local drive, and now it seems to be working fine!
Thanks for the hint!


How can I find this entry in registry? Can you help? I have the same problem as you had. Thank you


Do not edit the registry

Just do this:

Start cmd.exe "As Administrator"

vhui64.exe -u

that will uninstall the service as it is. Then move the vhui64.exe to the c drive and run

vhui64.exe -i

to install the service