virtualhere on win 10 tablet + xbox kinect for 3d scan

i´d like to use your software to build a battery powered cablefree 3d hand scaner with an xbox kinect a small win 10 tablet(M3) and a powerful but also heavy laptop as remote desktop over wlan ac.. just for testing i used your trail license but because win 10 handles this as 4-5 different devices, no luck.. even when i try to connect to "one" device i got an unspecified error message "an error occured" (......thumps up.. ;) ) of course i could buy a license and i would if it works, but if not, it´s just burning money. for privat use so i care about.. is there any way i could get a license at least for some hours or one day to check if its working?
greetings from germany


I dont think the kinect works with virtualhere because its very sensitive to latency spikes which occur when USB is run over a network and it needs some sort of firmware uploaded on enumeration. So i dont think it will work. Search in these forums for "kinect" e.g