EasyFind FAQ

What is the VirtualHere EasyFind System?

VirtualHere EasyFind is essentially a built-in, optimized, simple to use VPN service that allows a VirtualHere Client to connect to a VirtualHere Server that is running anywhere on the Internet without requiring any network reconfiguration.

Is it secure?

The EasyFind service makes no changes to your current network setup. EasyFind does not open any ports in your NAT/Router/Firewall. The EasyFind address is a unique 128-bit number, combined with a 32-bit pin number. These values are encrypted over the network and are impossible to guess. The VirtualHere Rendezvous Server does not log any data transfers between peers (as the connection is direct between peers anyway). You can setup SSL between peers to secure the Peer-to-Peer connection if you want.

Do i have to use EasyFind, why cant i just use Reverse Clients or a direct connection like normal over the Internet?

You dont need to use EasyFind, you can use Reverse Clients and/or a direct TCP connection just like before. You just need to make sure your router can allow port 7575 forwarding (or 7573 forwarding for reverse) and either the server or client needs a public IP address. If you dont have access to the router, both peers are behind a complicated NAT setup, or you dont know how to configure network settings and just want it to work now... then EasyFind is for you!

How long does it take for the VirtualHere Client to find a VirtualHere Server

Usually it takes less than 10 seconds for the connection to be made. If the server and/or client is behind a complicated network setup, or multiple levels of NATs (e.g Mobile network) it may take up to 30 seconds to negotiate a connection

Is EasyFind access included with the normal VirtualHere License?

The EasyFind feature is an extra subscription fee. This is to cover the cost of the cloud servers that perform the encrypted EasyFind session negotiation.

Can i use the Trial Version of the VirtualHere Server with EasyFind?

Yes, you dont need to have purchased a VirtualHere server license to use EasyFind. (The VirtualHere server will stay in trial mode)

Is there any limitation of the EasyFind trial?

There is no limitation except for the 5 day expiry. (The same email address cannot be used for multiple trials and the same EasyFind address cannot have more than one trial)

Can i use the same EasyFind address for multiple servers?

No, each VirtualHere Server requires a unique EasyFind address.

Can a client connect to mulitple EasyFind servers at once?

Sure, there is no limitation. The server can accept any number of easyfind client sessions and the client can initiate any number of server easyfind sessions.

What happens when i click (Disable) on the EasyFind dialog in Server Properties?

The server will disconnect from the EasyFind system, and new clients will not be able to find the server via EasyFind.
Existing EasyFind sessions between server and clients are maintained (because these are direct peer to peer connections).
Using Disable is useful to just allow EasyFind lookup for a short period of time. It does not affect the EasyFind access subscription.

What version of the VirtualHere Server and Client work with EasyFind

EasyFind is available in version 3.6.1 of the server (or later) and version 4.4.9 of the client (or later). You must have at least this version of the server and client for the EasyFind option to be available.

How do i subscribe to EasyFind?

See here

I still cant get the server and client to see each other?

EasyFind will work through most networks. If your network is heavily locked down or you are behind a symmetric NAT you will have to setup port forwarding instead.