RPi crash with BrotherDCP135c and RPi gets Hot.


I used sudo ./vhusbdpi

Tested various Usb devices, Mass storage, Xbox360 Controller, fingerprint reader etc works well - normal.

Tried LeapMotion control installs driver fine but device doesnt activate and pc software doesnt seem to detect but driver shows it?

Major errors connecting to a BrotherDCP135c Printer/Scanner client side,it worked once or twice for a while sometimes but almost evertime server reports this error .....

*** glibc detected *** ./vhusbdpi: free(): invalid pointer: 0xb0b0d8b8 ***

sudo ./vhusbdpi
*** glibc detected *** ./vhusbdpi: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x01b4b710 ***

Also, Rpi seemed to get very hot, cpu usage seemed ok though 10-30%.



Thanks for the feedback. I think LeapMotion uses Isochronous USB mode and at the moment raspberry pi has problems with this, specifically in the Kernel Hub Driver. VirtualHere works fine on other platforms when using Isochronous like Beagle, Synology and Ubuntu desktop, so im almost certain its the kernel code rather than VirtualHere. Could you be sure to run rpi-update (https://github.com/Hexxeh/rpi-update) on a regular basis as that updates kernel code on a weekly basis to the latest and greatest.

The glibc etc is also related to the kernel bug...

Could you try your tests on a ubuntu desktop if you have one? There is a server for that platform on the download page.

CPU will get hot when its doing work, its normal and wont damage the cpu. The cpu has automatic cutout if it gets too hot anyway.