VirtualHere server forces OS to unload USB completely

I tried trial version of VirtualHere server on Windows 2012 server and on Synology NAS. And I am willing to buy a licence, but it seems that it is not stable.
At first it works great on both devices, but after few days, on random disconnection USB device disappears from server, and I cannot connect to it anymore.
Solution that seems to work is to go to the server and physically reconnect USB, than it works again for some time.
I also get following error on Synology on every disconnect from client: "The external device [USB Disk 1] was not ejected properly. You should eject the device before unplugging it or turning it off."


OK, download the latest firmware for synology from their website and install the latest version of virtualhere server 3.6.6 from here

I think there might be a bug in the synology kernel that is locking the usb bus at some point.

(You can ignore the message about disconnecting the usb drive first on the synology)


Synology is updated to latest version already, I have updated VirtualHere also to latest version. I'll keep you posted how it's behaving.