License for Windows Questions (For Use at a University VR Space)


I'm working in a university virtual reality lab where students and staff who attend a brief orientation can use VR equipment. We want to install a wireless peripheral to test a non-tethered connection at our staff station, which is generally only used by people staffed to work the space. Because of some conflicts with the software shipped with the peripheral and our university network security, we are considering using a third-party open-source project to install the peripheral, however this project requires a licensed version of VirtualHere USB Client to run properly.
Some of the staff is concerned that we assure installing the license on our staff computer would be within the terms of use - the concern is that multiple users will be using the station. The license would apply to one machine, but that machine is used by the handful of part-time staff members and a few students doing research on the staff machine, however the staff machine also handles surplus users when the lab is especially busy. I would like to know how you handle licensing for a university on a machine-by-machine basis, so that we can be sure that we are within the legal terms of use for your software if we decide to move forward with our project

Please let me know your thoughts on our situation; thanks!


No problem that should be fine. I think you are talking about OpenTPCast, so there is no licencing issues because its only the tpcast that needs the license key, the clients are free.