Problem with mce blaster

Installed the server on my raspberry and it works without any problems for most hardware. But when trying my mce remote and blaster windows will not load any drivers or it fail to start. It works if connected directly to the same computer.

Any suggestions?


Does your pi have a internet accessable ip you can email me? I can try conneting from my test box at my office and see what errors i get. Email me at mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com) your IP and ill give it a try. Michael


Actually burre, could you download 1.4.8 of the server I think it will fix this issue. Let me know how it goes.


Issue is the same with new version. Deleted the device in windows to force a reinstall of drivers. Use client 1.5.4.
I'll set up access to the pi right away and e-mail you the details. Nothing else is running on the pi so feel free to change whatever you want.


The new client version 1.5.5 solved my problem! Never before have I had this great or quick support!