Cambridge Silicon Bluetooth Dongle - Seen but not working


I'd like to use a Cambridge Silicon Radio Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle via my Synology NAS on macOS.

I run my licensed server on the NAS and I can see the device in VirtualHere Client.
VirtualHere says that I'm connected, but I can't see the device neither in Bluetooth Explorer nor in macOS system diagnose.

Already tried:
- the "onReset.$VENDOR_ID$.$PRODUCT_ID$=" flag,
- rebooting
- switching the dongle (I have two of the same)
- removing the other dongle from my mac, in case macOS only supports 1 BT dongle

Any idea on what to do?



What osx version are you using? OSX 10.12 or newer will have trouble with some devices via virtualhere. No workaround at the moment for those


Using a Hackintosh with 10.13 and can‘t really go back to 10.12 (native nvme support). Bummer :-/