All-in-1 Card Reader Issues


I have an inexpensive all-in-1 card reader plugged into the Raspberry Pi and shared with virtualhere server 1.5.1. I am running the latest client on Windows 8 (1.6.2). I can see the device (shows up as USB Mass Storage Device, as expected) and can click & use it however none of the cards plugged into it are mounted. I have confirmed it works as expected when plugged in locally.

If I plug in a regular USB flash drive and share it then it is mounted and works as expected.

Is there any additional info I can offer to troubleshoot?



Hi Ben, Yes if you have an external IP address i can connect to from my virtualhere that would be great. I could connect and trace the messages. Let me know at mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com) if you do have this... Michael


Ok Michael, I have set up external access & sent you an email with the details.

Let me know how it goes.