Windows 7 client "Logged in (Error)


I have the following symptoms while using VirtualHere on a Raspberry Pi, (Soft Float) combined with the Windows 7 Client (X64):

The PC client pings the network for any available hub, can find the raspberry pi (only 1 in my network), tries to connect but fails to retain the connection with the 'USB Server'. The status reports: Logged in (Error) - this information can be found by right clicking and then selection 'Properties', a few seconds later it removes the entry from the tree and publishes it once again on the next iteration. (including the pop-up messagebox ' .... trial mode ...'. This goes on forever (closing the PC Client does not remove it from memory though as the pop-up returns over and over again.)

The same happens when I'm using the client from a different Windows 7 (x64) bit machine, which makes me believe that the problem is related to the setup on the raspberry pi. But there's no indication of where 'authentication' takes place. Note that I'm running the Server via sudo ./vhusbdpisf.txt.

I have the following in play:
The latest version of Raspbian Wheezy - dated 2013-09-10
DHCP IP assignment
The latest version of VirtualHere Desktop Client for WIndows x64 (v1.6.4)
USB Server (vhusbdpisf.txt) - version as per 21-09-2013

I have resolved the dependency with avahi and udev. via sudo apt-get install.

I'm hoping that someone has a "been there, done that" moment and can help me out getting this resolved.

Kind regards, Paul.


Hi Paul, I think maybe you need to be using the hardfloat version. You cannot run the softfloat version of virtualhere on a hardfloat kernel. Could you double check your kernel is softfloat?