Windows 7 32Bit (reboot)

Trying to connect the sound card RME babyface to raspberry pi.
Installed the server 1.5.5
Installed client 1.6.8 (tested on the usb mouse - and it works)

When try to connect a device ("use").
A computer running windows 7 fully reboot!


Hi Evgendi, i think i know the problem. I'll work on a fix over the next few days and let you know when its ready.


Evgendi, I took a look at the babyface product and i dont think it will be compatible via sharing with the raspberry pi because the raspberry pi is not powerful enough to provide a clear jitter free usb sound experience.


I'm concerned about plauback for a one stereo stream 192/24
What about 12 Mbps
It seems to me not so much.
Or both?


OK yes that should be ok. Do you have an external IP that i can access to connect to your server? Please email me at mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com) and ill take a look and see if it crashes my test machine also. If you dont have remote access available, you will have to send me the windows kernel crash log. This can be found in c:\windows\minidump (its the lastest file in there) Thanks. Michael