Client auto start?

I tried the server on Pi and client on W7. They worked pretty well. Thanks for the good work.
My question now is do I need to start the client every time and select the USB device to make it run? Sorry if the answer has been documented somewhere.


You can put the client in the Startup group in windows.

Plug the device into the server and you will see it appear in the client, right click on the device and select "Auto use Device"

You can also right click on USB Hubs and select "Start Minimized".

That will then autostart the client on boot and minimize it and also autoshare the device.


I did what you said, everything works as should be now. The only main issue is that if I don't exit the vhui64 program and try to shut off the computer, it will never quit and I eventually need to manually shut it off. If I manually exit the program first, computer will shutdown normally. I am sure it is this program preventing the computer shutdown.
Another less important issue is it kept remind me it is in try mode. It is a little annoying but if it is the way you want it to be, I can live with that.
Hope you have a solution for auto exiting vhui64 during computer shut down.
Thanks for your help again.


OK that sound like a bug, i think what is happening is a iocompletion is not completing and windows is sitting there waiting for it to complete... will take a look and let you know if i find the fix.