Sony Alpha camera to Sony Imaging Edge application, Windows 10 on both sides

Hi All! This looks so good and I'm very close to something I need for an telescope application.

My Sony A7iii camera is connected USB to a Windows 10 running VirtualHere Sever via USB. In another Widows10 system, I'm running VirtualHere Client it comes very close to working.

The client system see the camera on the server as ILCE-7M3, which is correct. That goes away when I power off the camera and comes back when I power it on. It's sorta working!

But the point of this is to run Sony's Imaging Edge on the client machine, so that the camera on the server can be controlled from the client. Unfortunately, when I execute Sony Remote on the client side, the program it says 'Camera is not connected' and will not run. When I plug the camera directly into the client systems and run the Sony Remote, it comes up, connects and I can see in the application what the camera sees.

So, there's some handshake that's not going both ways. The VirtualHere client has a 'Custom event' dialog that might be used to make it go, but I've no idea what to put in there.

But it is very close to working!

About the telescope application. My camera will be directly attached to a telescope and the camera is attached to my base Windows 10 system via USB. When I run the Sony Imaging Edge Remote application, it sees the camera and displays in a window a 'live' view' of what the camera sees. I can then make Remote take a picture and set the length of exposer and other details. Now I have to use a USB cable between the camera my base system.

Any help or ideas will be appreciated!