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Does the Windows Client work on Windows XP? I realize that XP is out of support very soon, but we have a few we are still using in our small office.

I can install the VirtualHere 1.6.0 client on Windows XP and I can see my USB device connect to my Raspberry Pi. But when I select USE, I see the following:
Log File:
Hub failed to open error 0x00000103

PopUp Window:
The VirtualHere USB Drivers could not be loaded.
USB sharing functionality will be unavailable.

Thank you

Hi Gravette, yes virtualhere

Hi Gravette, yes virtualhere supports windows xp. Perhaps there was some permission problem with your setup. Could you go to "Add Remove Programs" and uninstall any virtualhere drivers there. Then download the latest version of virtualhere client 1.7.7 from this website then reboot your computer and try again.

Thank you for the reply. I

Thank you for the reply. I'll give that a try.

For now I can't upgrade to the newest VirtualHere server as we are still using the softfloat version until we can create a new raspberry pi hard float image for our thin clients. Will the latest windows client connect to the older soft float server we are running?

Thank you.

No the latest version of the

No the latest version of the client will not support the soft-float version of the server

I can't uninstall the VirtualHere driver from Device Manager


I'm trying to remove VirtualHere from my Windows XP. I've uninstalled all software in Add/Remove Programs. I then found the VirtualHere with a QuestionMark in Device Manager. So I uninstalled that as well. Rebooted my computer. Upon restart VirtualHere in Device Manager is still showing as a question mark.

Is there some other way to forcefully remove VirtualHere? Was this a bug in older Versions of VirtualHere that has been fixed by using 1.7.7?

Thank you,

Please download the remover

Yes this was on my list of things to write, a clean virtualhere host controller driver remover. I have written this now and you can download

the 32-bit version from

The 64-bit version from


Great Job...thanks very much for creating this for us.

More errors after I've upgraded and uninstalled virtualhere


I'm now on site to test VirtualHere in our office. I'm using client version 1.7.9 and server version 1.6.3. I first removed all traces of VirtualHere from our Windows XP computer. Then I used your virtualclean app you've created.

Upon restarting my Windows XP computer and trying to connect to our raspberry pi hub I see the following messages:

00:59:06 INFO :VirtualHere 1.7.9 starting (Compiled: Oct 30 2013 15:20:40)
00:59:06 INFO :Using config at C:\Documents and Settings\bailaur\Application Data\vhui.ini
00:59:07 INFO :Starting Manual Lookup...
00:59:07 INFO :Manual Lookup started
00:59:07 INFO :No drivers found, they will be installed
00:59:27 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, no more data is available. (0x00000103)
00:59:36 INFO :Drivers are up-to-date
00:59:37 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, no more data is available. (0x00000103)

After removing all drivers and restarting, I am prompted to re-install the drivers on XP. I see 3 confirmations I need to say 'Continue Anyway'. Still not working though.

So I then tried using client 1.7.9 on my Windows Server 2008 and was asked to install the drivers. No problem with using my raspberry pi virtual here hub from that O/S. It seemed to me that the Win 2008 Server asked for one more confirmation...I'd have to uninstall and try again.

I know your drivers are packaged in the executable, but there seems no other way to install these drivers unless I re-install the client...and this isn't working.

Does the log file I included in this post help you with solving what's wrong?

Thank you.

Looks like the program

Looks like the program vhenum32.exe did not run for some reason on your computer. It should run automatically after the client installs the drivers. I don't know your setup but perhaps there is something special about it. Anyway try running the client again , it will skip installing the drivers but will run the vhenum32.exe again. This will then search for a device called "VirtualHere USB Root Hub" see if that occurs...

I have the same issue, as

I have the same issue, as shown, but I have gone through whats shown above, but still cant get VH to work, I see when I look at my device manager (Win XP) I see that I have Question Marks against "VirtualHere USB Root Hub".
Just seeing if this has been resolved yet, or if there are any other things I can try to get it working.
Everything works fine on Vista and Win7 its just XP ones having problems

Just looking again and it

Just looking again and it looks like the following files are not being install. as follows
VirtualHere(vhhcd)USB(03/24/2014 Install Failed (Unsigned)
VirtualHere(vhhub)USB(03/24/2014 Install Failed (Unsigned)

OK try the following:

OK try the following:

1. On the xp machine, type vhui32.exe -x and that will extract the drivers to a directory
2. Go to that directory and type dpinst.exe and see if that installs them.

Im wondering if your xp rejects all "unsigned" drivers by default. The drivers are actually signed correct using a kernel signing certificate (i purchased from startcom CA) however because XP is so old i suspect that the root cert is not there for that CA. Anyway after you run dpinst.exe, run vhenum.exe to enumerate the driver.

That should at least give a better indication of the error.

Almost got there. got to

Almost got there. got to install VH but when you go to use a device, it starts to install driver but then crashes (Blue Screen), will give it a go on another UltraMobile Tablet over the weekend, mau also try to upgrade XP to Vista.

Are you trying to install it

Are you trying to install it in windows xp embedded? If so you need to make sure the usb subsystem component is available.

No it not embedded, its

No it not embedded, its windows XP pro, just on a very small pc we use whilst we commission lighting systems.

WindowsXP driver signing error

referring to previous suggestion:
"1. On the xp machine, type vhui32.exe -x and that will extract the drivers to a directory
2. Go to that directory and type dpinst.exe and see if that installs them."

instead use dpinsts.exe /LM here /LM flag accepts unsigned driver.

I have tried this on a XP32 bit machine.
which was Giving ... Install fail (unsigned error).
Now Virtualhere client for windows 32 work on the same machine.

Anyway after you run dpinst.exe, run vhenum.exe to enumerate the driver.

I have thus successfully used virtualhere server on LUBUNTU 64 bit to connect a USB HID dongle received with a Chinese laser cutter to operate CorelLaser plug in inside windows xp 32 bit guest running over virtual box.

Thanks Michael for a great software utility.
I am going to purchase this and recommend same to all my colleagues.

vhui32.exe windows xp

the vhui32.exe is not starting on my windows xp sp2 maschine
is there any older version who runs in winxp to try this software before i buy licence?


No more XP support

Is any old verions x32

Is any old verions x32 clients working with XP? Really need it as we running old software which is related to hardware.


I repeat, no more xp support

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