The mv command just broke my raspbian each time


I want to start VirtualHere when my device boots and i have a problem each time i launch this command :

sudo mv vhusbdarm /usr/sbin

The command pass without any error but each time i tried, it completely broke my raspbian. After any commands send me error messages even "reboot" and all things in the desktop menu seems broken.

Do you know how i can fix this ?



Thanks for the fast answer.

I will try this so.

Have a good day.



Are you sure it works as i am using a raspbian desktop system on a raspberry pi 3 ?

In the FAQ you link, i understand that i have to follow these steps in my case :

ssh to your raspberry pi
sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdarm
sudo mv vhusbdarm /usr/sbin
sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdpin
sudo mv vhusbdpin /etc/init.d
sudo update-rc.d vhusbdpin defaults
sudo reboot

I just don't understand why my raspbian crash totally each time after this step "sudo mv vhusbdarm /usr/sbin".



Do you have the directory


before you move the vhusbdarm file to it?


Yes i have a /usr/sbin before the move


I think you might have something wrong with your sd card. I tried the instructions above with a pi flashed with a new download of raspbian full and it works fine. The mv is just the move command to move a file that cant cause a lock up unless perhaps your sd card has a bad sector at the /usr/sbin location and that is locking the device because of the broken sd card.



Thanks for the answer, can i ask with wich sd card do you try i will get a new one then.

If there any way i can try to move to another location than /usr/sbin to make VirtualHere works fine too ?



just a normal sandisk 16GB card nothing special.

Sure, leave the vhusbdarm where you downloaded it and edit the vhusbdpin file to make it point to that directory instead of /usr/sbin