Strange error on latest version


We now have a hard float raspberry pi image which I'll be using as my thin client. I've downloaded your latest server and it's running on my raspberry pi. I've used your remover to clean up my Windows computer of any previous versions of virtualhere client. I've downloaded your most recent version 1.7.8.

When I connect to my Raspberry Pi server I see the following message:

00:43:02 INFO :handleConnect error No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (10.301.3.5:7575)

Not sure how I've setup my server to refuse any connections. Have you seen this before?


10.301.3.5 is not a valid ip address. You can only ever have up to 255 in the address.


I changed it for this post. I'm actually using the address of my Raspberry Pi and can connect to it with SSH. But through VirtualHere I receive this message. Thoughts?


That port is not accesssable at all. The Client tries to open it and it immedately fails because it is blocked. You have that port blocked by a firewall or you are on a completely different subnet. Your machine must be on the same subnet if you are using 10... addresses. I.e your network must have an interface with a 10... address.

Also, 10.x.x.x addresses are internal private network addresses and there is no security risk when displaying it.


Ok, I rebooted my Pi again just to be sure. Started virtualhere on my Pi and confirmed it was running. On my Windows laptop I can now connect to the VirtualHere Server on the Pi.

Must have been user error on my part.

Thank you.